Finally left home!

Well, I packed my fucking stuff today. Some clothes had to come with me, some didn’t come. You know what? Anything that’s at Mum’s can be chucked in the dog house or burned as far as I’m concerned. They can use the big bag of dog food too if they want. Both dogs would like it, and maybe B would too if given the chance. He treats the puppy like shit, and he treats his little boy like shit too. In fact he treats both dogs like shit, only the puppy gets worse treatment, like it should know better by now even though it’s nearly eight weeks old. Fucking old manhore! He used the other old dog of a woman for this little child, he used another one for a few kids before that. As much as he’s an all right bloke, the way he treats kids and animals, and the way he takes Mum’s shit and takes the blame for that, well that makes him as big a dickhead as she is. So! I’ve left. And I’m moving to Cairns next week. My brother can make things easy on me and help me. Or he can leave it up to me and I’ll book the fucking flight myself. I’m not letting anybody run my life now. They can help me run my life, but they’re not going to run my life. If Mum wants to yell at me when I get to Cairns, there ain’t gonna be any skin off my nose anymore. I’ll tell her to yell at her three dogs because I’m not one of ‘em! Haha. She drives me mad, and anyone who lives with her gets driven mad. B is of course one of her dogs. Only I’m imagining something while I’m thinking of him as her dog. Lolololololololol. Good luck to them! The only thing nice from B today, was that I could get a hand if I needed one. I thought of the same other thing just as a rude joke and very bad pun, but said thanks in a serious tone knowing he only meant that he’d help me if he needed to. But yeah, I chuckled as I made a joke to myself about possibly needing a hand. Again lolololololololololol! Mum was the only one who said bye to me, so I though of her three dogs as B didn’t say nothing, and I figured that dogs don’t really talk other than to um… So B got my little mental joking revenge again. I said bye respectfully to Mum though, because yeah I hate her, but she’s also my mother. We just don’t get along.


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