Sadness mixed with hope…

I’m planning on leaving Darwin at some point next week. More details about that when the time comes. Will also let you guys know more when I have arrived at my new destination. I’ve been sstaying at this accomodation place instead of going out so I can think through everything. Moving is a good idea I think. I can sort my life out. Darwin isn’t going to run away. There will be more job opportunities. When one door closes, a window opens, or another door if that’s possible. I believe new opportunities come when old ones are missed or can’t be acted upon. I just want a better life. I want to not be struggling financially every day. I want to be in a healthier situation, not in emotional turmoil, I want to not be worrying about arguments and such. The other night was my last straw for me. I’m fed up with having to defend myself physically and verbally, so I’m not going back there anymore. I used to yell when things got physical, just so I wouldn’t lash back. But the other night… Well please don’t let that happen again! I’m moving to get away from the abuse, I’m moving to get away from having to hide from trouble all the time, and I want to stop myself from becoming a bad person and troublemaker myself. Goodbye Darwin. The world won’t end if I move, but it may end if I keep putting up with my miserable relationship.


One Response to “Sadness mixed with hope…”

  1. Nadja Öberg Says:


    Good luck with everything!

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