Day 9 of training: Work opportunities. And a new edition to the house!

Warning this entry is gonna be long.

Yesterday the bus turned up at my place on time, but since nobody else had been picked up yet, we still had to accept that the bus would get to this training place a bit late. So the bus driver who was understandably bad-tempered, ran around everywhere, making sure she hadn’t missed anyone. She had to go off at a few of us because when she asked questions, she didn’t get answers until she drilled some of them. I eventually worked that out after a while and chided people when necessary, like repeating a question with fewer words, and a little slower so that people would understand. As much as it’s not good for a bus driver to yell at people, if she didn’t have to ask a hundred questions for one two-second answer, she wouldn’t need to yell at anyone. So I started as well, and the poor driver had to deal with mine and her shitty mood. How hard is it to understand “What street number is he/she at?” I think by the time we finish this course, everyone in our group will understand what a question is! I don’t care if you’re white, blue, green, purple or brindle. If someone asks you a simple question, please answer the question without giving extra ums and ahs, since they’re not part of the answer to the question, unless stated otherwise to start with. Oh well. We got to our course almost on time, and we still had time to spare before leaving for the day. I at least got over being shitty by the time we got on the next mini bus with everyone else.

First we went to the Turf Club. There’s no way I’m gonna work there. The kitchen was big enough, but way too hot for my liking. So off to Parliament House we went. That was better! Lunch was good, keishs and sausage rolls and sandwiches. The sausage rolls weren’t cooked properly, but they tasted fresh, so that’s good. They just needed another ten minutes in the oven. Everything else was lovely though. While we were there we met the company manager who created this course. She was very nice. She didn’t like that we treated her food ideas as a licence to gluttonise everything we made, but she understood why we did that nevertheless! She said that she was trying to teach us how to be healthy,, not how to lose the figure! I laughed and said that I didn’t llike keishs and sausage rolls till we made them, then they were better than sliced bread. So we decided to eat all the food like it was out of fashion, especially the roast lamb and vegetables. She took it as a compliment then. The kitchen is a nice enough place to work at, but I wouldn’t work there because some days would have hardly any work, while other days would be overloaded with jobs. The work wouldn’t be steady enough for me.

We went from there to the casino, which has a lot going for it! A couple of ladies separated us into two groups, the jouviniles and the adults. Our adult group toured all the floors! And there was Braille on the elavator buttons! That place has a lot going for me if I happen to dislike the school job after a while. The work every day can fluctuate like all jobs, but the work woulld be more steady than at other places. So if I get the sack or I find the current job boring, I’m checking out casino work. If I do, I’m probably gonna get into the pastry chef kitcchen. I’m so glad they’ve got pastry chefs! Then I can work myself up the ladder from there. But for now, I’ll finish the course and start work at a scchool canteen. If I don’t ever get bored, I’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world. But if I do eventually feel like I’m getting nowhere, I know I can find work at the casino. After we got back to the training centre, we got ready for home. I got the bus driver to drop me at Coles, so I sat there with a chocolate milk and chips and gravy. After that I decided to come home after doing a bit of shopping at Woolleys for today’s lunch, which was beautiful by the way!

Mum rang me while I was at Woolleys waiting for my few groceries. She told me that part of the footpath near my bus stop was barricaded with a cage thing, but when I eventually got there, Troy didn’t give a damn about it. We simply came home like normal, and if Mum hadn’t told me about this baricade, I would never have known it existed. I drank a big heap of water because I hadn’t drank all day. Our trainers tried to encourage us to drink as much water as we could fit in during lunch, but I complained with a couple of others that we were drinking too much of it! So I got a can of coke, not thinking about later on when we’d not be able to drink water for a good few hours. Bloody stupid thing that was too. If I had drank a lot of water at lunch, I mightn’t have been half dead when I got home. Oh well, we live and learn! If any of the staff puts wateer in front of us next week and starts joking around and happily talking about how cool it is and so forth, I’m gonna drink as much of it as I can before I lose the opportunity to drink water for a long time. I made up for the thirst before Mum and B came home from their little excursion. Mum came over to me and didn’t sound any different from how she usually sounds when she’s happy. so I didn’t think anything of it! Then she said out of nowhere, “Look what I’ve got!” She sounded like she was stifling some laughter, before putting a fluffy little dog in my hands! I realised it was alive when I felt that it was warm, and it moved! Yep, everything that breathes, moves too. I thought Mum and B had broken the bank to get this little thing, but I found out that it was given away for free. He’s a cute fuzzy little thing too, about five weeks old. The mother apparently had twelve puppies that she couldn’t care for anymore, so as soon as she saw that they were moving around and trying to fend for themselves, she rejected them earlier than she should have. So the poor things had to be fed very soft food and formula. This dog is something like five weeks old, which I find way too early to take off their mother. But since the mother wanted nothing to do with them, this is a different story altogether, so I’m essentially helping Mum and B care for an orphaned baby, poor thing! B has no idea how to feed the dog either. He wets biscuits like you’re meant to, but doesn’t wait for them to soften up, so this morning I had to put up with screeching and howling because the poor dog could only lick the ssoft stuff and leave the crunchy biscuit part, because he can’t chew solids yet, except if they’re porridg-like. So of course B left for the day, and I had to check just how tolerable the dog is to food. He spits soft food out if it’s too crunchy to chew apart, but if it’s soft enough, Toby can chew and swallow it. So I made a new little feed for him and he loved it! While I was eating lunch four hours later, I had to interrupt it just to make him another feed, because he yelped and howled so loudly that I nearly went deaf. I’ve had to keep him in a washing basket inside, or near me when he’s outside, because he’s still a bit too young to discover the world properly. He’s very obedient, but he’s so damn scared of the outside world now. Troy told him off last night, so the dog won’t chew Troy anymore, I think anyway. But since then, Troy has been extra careful with Toby because he realised his mistake by the way the puppy yowled at him, and I put Toby near Troy’s face and showed Troy what he’d done. So now Troy is too scared to play rough with Toby. That’s actually what I hoped for with Troy, because he thinks puppies understand warnings and little nips, but now he realises that very small puppies are not like big ones! Oh well, Troy has learnt his lesson hopefully. He didn’t have a real go at the dog, just sort of struck him a little to make him stop licking at Troy’s legs. But since then, Troy has sensed that this dog doesn’t understand big dog language. I’ve put Toby on my lap. And I had to interrupt this entry for at least half an hour just to passify the poor thing. I gave him a good cuddle and let him have a little nap before placing him back in the basket. Mum will be home in an hour to take over his care. He ate a lot today, so I won’t feed him. Mum should be ready to feed him by the time he starts getting hungry again. I so can’t believe the Mum had to abandon the babies so soon. If these puppies had been wild, most would have died. The lady who owns them had to have been willing to give them extra attention! Most people would have told her to wait till they were eight weeks old or too bad for her. We don’t believe in that shit. I’d rather mother a baby puppy so it lives than to tell someone to go to hell because they choose to be committed enough to save animals when the mother can’t do so at the time. The puppy should grow up as a friendly dog now because it’s getting taught how to treat humans as caregivers and friends while it’s still little. Mum doesn’t want Toby to be attached to any particular person, but unfortunately it’s going to try to attach itself to someone. Dogs don’t live in solitary units or packs where every one is just another creature that it likes. Dogs always try to find the strongest pack member and makes that member the leader. I don’t know why Mum tries to tell me that I have no idea how to train an animal, but she couldn’t give a fuck that every dog needs a leader. It needs a lot of pack members to keep it happy, but it will always instinctively find a particular leader to help everyone else. Mum can’t talk if she claims to know everything but discovers otherwise. The poor friggen dog doesn’t even have teeth yet let alone a strong gait, yet she’s expecting it to eat soft, crunchy food? Get lost! The dog has at least two weeks before it can munch things. Oh well, enough of the whinge. Apparently I know everything because the dog is still alive, and isn’t yelping. And it’s gonna go for the best thing as its leader. Please pick me Toby! Yeah right, I’ll move out soon enough, and he’ll need to find another one.

I’m gonna close off in a minute so I can vacuum the floor before Mum gets home. After that I don’t know what I’ll do. There’s probably gonna be a few spelling mistakes in this but I don’t care less. so long as the blog’s readable, that’s what counts. I’m just gonna do a quick search for two I’s where they don’t belong and that’s it, unless I skim across a mistake. I’m not going to go out of my way to try to fix every error at the moment. I just wanna say that things are ok now, and today isn’t a training day because of the Royal Darwin Show. so Day 10 is next Monday. I can’t wait!


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