I’m up to day 9

Well, since I have time this morning, I’ll write. Tomorrow is Show Day, which is a public holiday here. We have a theme park show once a year in Australia, where a group of people travel around with stalls, games and rides for a few days in each state and territory. I’m not going this year, I really want to spend a day home and have some time to myself. I want to cook spag for lunch tomorrow, so I’m gonna buy a couple of onions this arvo from Coles. I don’t need to be fussy with fruit and vege! Frig, the other thing I so want to do is make a potato salad, but because I need a fair bit of mayo for that, I might just give that a miss I think. I’ll make spag for lunch tomorrow while nobody is home to interrupt me or change things on me. Oh yeah, I have to throw some potatoes away, because I haven’t used them at all since I bought them at least three months ago. Damn! I fucking hate wasting food. I’ll get rid of them next week, buy another fresh batch of them, and get a small container of mayonnaise that will work well for a potato salad, so then all I’ll need to do is throw the jar away when I’m done with it. Mum can argue all she wants about expenses and what not, if I’m cooking the food, it’s my idea, not hers. And she knows very well that I’ll only get good stuff if I can afford to buy it on occasion.

Again I haven’t written in Ms Word. I’m too lazy. So if there’s any spelling mistakes, it’s because I haven’t proofread the blog properly. Everyone else doesn’t always proofread their blogs, so I’m going to be the same way. I’ll fix some things so it makes more sense when people read, but that’s about it. I’m really sick of spell-checking all the time. I’ll get rid of any unnecessary Roman numerals that show up because of this crappy keyboard in the laptop, and I’ll fix sentences and all that. But forget having to edit every damn post. Maybe when I upgrade Jaws, things might change. Or they might not. Until then, the spelling will have to stay as it is. So long as people can read this if they want to, that’s the main thing. This blog isn’t some competition thing where the best writing gets a prize, so however my blog is, it’s good enough for me.

Yesterday Troy bit his canny collar strap apart. It’s the bit that goes over his snout and through the loops on the collar that the lead is attached to. I got really shitty about that! I got really cranky and left a message on Mike’s answering machine so hopefully he’ll ring back and we can discuss the issue of Troy not liking gentle leaders of canny collars controlling where his head goes when we’re walking around. I told Mum last night, and she reckons that I can leave the gentle leader on when he’s with me, but whenever I have to leave him alone for any period, I should just take it off Troy completely, and put it back on when I get him. I’ve tried the whole idea of leaving the thing on him all the time so he gets used to it. That’s not working. I’ve tried leaving it on and taking it off his face and pulling it back into the collar so he can’t get at it, to give him a break from it. Troy still tries to get it off anyway, if he needs it on. So nothing is working. The idea of giving Troy pressed bones is a good one, and it does work when I can give them to him. But that’s also quite unreliable because I can’t give him chewy things in class or other formal meetings where everyone can get distracted easily. So every idea has been tried and has failed. The other thing that’s unreliable about giving Troy pressed bones to stop him eating his collar apart is that if he finishes a bone, he’ll still think in his mind that I’m going to put the collar back over his face, so he’ll chew it apart so I can’t put it on him again. He clearly hates the collars.

I don’t care what anyone says, Troy can’t be made to feel uncomfortable all day. If it’s ok for us to wear comfortable jewelery and shoes and clothes, then Troy should be comfortable in his gear. He’s an animal, not a stone. Animals need to be comfortable as well, otherwise like us, they’ll resist the stuff being done to them. If you can’t expect a person to stay uncomfortable, then expecting a dog to be uncomfortable and put up with what comes is going to be entirely impossible. I really feel sorry for Troy. I’m gonna use his gentle leader today, but I’m absolutely not leaving it on him for the entire day. I don’t care if it’s going to supposedly teach him that it’s ok to take it off, or not. He doesn’t actually care about those reasons. All Troy cares about is that when it’s on, it’s annoying, so he must get it off now. So if the thing is left on, what the hell is Troy going to think about that! He’s not thinking “Oh, yeah Mum wants it on me, so because she didn’t let me take it off for ever and ever, I guess it needs to be left on, because it’s annoying, but I must leave it on because that’s what Mum does.” He’s thinking more like, “Mum keeps leaving this fucking thing on, so even though I tried to keep taking it off, she won’t let me do that! Fuck this, when she leaves me alone, I’m biting it apart! No way I’m gonna let Mum keep this damn shit on me all day, it’s sooooo annoying and uncomfortable and it never gets easier with time so I’m gonna stop her from putting this frigging stupid thingo on again.” That’s just how it is with Troy. Flame has the same trouble, so I actually agree with Justin now. We try everything with our guide dogs to make them accept new things or make them comfortable, and eventually we’ve just gotta accept that maybe it’s not disobedience, it’s more like, cruelty. So we give in, only to see a much happier guide dog. Yes the dog is harder to control, but maybe that’s handler training trouble, not the dog. If the dog is taught to be respectful on leash, maybe we wouldn’t need these fucking damn devices! I do agree with them occasionally, but I don’t agree with them all day and all night. It’s no good, and if I was made to feel uncomfortable with a strap around my nose all day, I’d bite it apart and worse too. I’m gonna have a good chat with Mike about all this so we can sort these problems out with Troy, and my new guide dog when I get one in four or five years’ time. I don’t think Troy has that many issues. I think it’s the way he’s being treated half the time, and the stress he has to put up with. I think he’s a great dog. He does get naughty, but so does every kid. That doesn’t make kids bad, so why does bad behaviour mean Troy is a bad dog? It’s more like, change how you’re handling the friggen dog and he might respond differently. If he doesn’t, then go flat stack and bash him for his crime. Otherwise, quit the shit and fix the dog’s behaviour with different handling.


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