Days 7 and 8 of training

Man this week has flown by so fast already! The course is getting really boring though. We’ve done hardly any cooking at all this week, and the shit we’re talking about is just crap to me. Yesterday we went to Mackers to do a hospitality assessment, which I thought yeah whatever. I do those all the time just fine, without having to be trained. But all the same, I really wanted to confirm that Mackers isn’t the best fast food outlet that you’d want to buy from. It’s ok to want cheap food, but if that food is going to be of low quality, and not much cheaper than Hungry Jacks, then really I don’t want the cheaper food. I’d rather go to Hungry Jacks and buy things for a dollar more and get really nice burgers and chips! The sprite from Mackers tasted more like lemon and rasbery cordial. It was horrible. The ice-cream I got was ddelicious. Their ice-creams are always the best in the world. I’d go there every day if I could just for their ice-creams. At least we ot away from the training centre.

Today we went out again, to get our black long pants and our shoes. To be very blunt, the shoes aren’t a big hoo-ha. They’re kitchen shoes, but my joggers are just as good. But um, to please my new boss when I start work, I’m going to wear my new kitchen shoes, since she said that she’d like them if I don’t wear joggers. What she’s saying is that she would rather us wear the good kitchen shoes. So I’m going to do that. I think people are a bit fussy, because a knife will hurt no matteer what. Oh well. I couldn’t give a fuck what sort of closed-in shoes I wear, so long as they have non-slip soles. It’s all fine, our uniforms are being paid for, so that’s great. If I really find that these black pants are worth the hassle of taking twenty minutes to purchase, then I’ll get more of them one weekend from KMart. I’d rather have a few work clothes than have to wash them every day.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Turf Club and Sky City. We apparently have to look at job opportunities there. Ok, so if I get the sack from this school or I resign, I might be able to work at these places. That’s great. But really I don’t want to go. Unfortunately, if I don’t go to this course every day even if some days aren’t interesting, then I’m giving my teachers and the main trainer the impression that I’m only in it for what I want. Yeah right, they don’t kknow my situation. But in any case, I don’t want to give them the wrong impression, so I’m going every day, no matter how boring I find some of these stupid course things. I thought we had to do more cooking than anything else, but no, I find that it’s about the tourism side of things too, not just food preparation and presentation. Let me also tell you: The only thing I don’t know about food presentation is how to use a knife the way chefs do in their kitchens. I can use a knife, but really, the only thing that’s valuable about this whole course is the technique for using a knife the professional way. I can’t wait till next week when we’ll be doing more food preparation work. I got some play dough so I can do half an hour of knife practise with it every chance I get when I’m in the training room. All I want is to get this course out of the way so I can start work and save lots of money so I can move out.

I haven’t typed this entry in Ms Word, so I’m gonna just read over it and send it straight away if I don’t find spelling mistakes. I’m very tired, so I just want to get this blog done and post it. There’s not a whole lot interesting to blog about at the moment. AllI can say is that I’m glad it’s the day off on Friday! I’m not going to the show this year though, I’m not interested at all. I just want to spend the day to myself and rest up.


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