Days 4 and 5 of training, and my weekend

I really needed a break from this blog for a couple of days. But I can write again today. I bought a couple of packets of lollies today, so I’m eating a couple of them while I’m sitting in my room. Let’s just say I needed yesterday and today to get myself a break! Everything starts again tomorrow. Thursday and Friday were exhausting for me. I had a hard time trying to cut food because I’m not used to cutting stuff how chefs do in the kitchen. It’s so hard for me. Tomorrow I hope to get better at it. I really want to get used to cutting tomatoes, onions, potatoes and carrots, so I can start cutting other things like pumpkins and cabbages and what not. Last night when I made a bacon and egg sandwich, I tried cutting an onion the proper way, but the knife was just too blunt! I ended up putting more pressure on the knife, but used it in the way chefs do to dice things, rather than the way you’d do it to slice stuff. That worked better. I hate our knives, they’re never sharp enough. But because I’ve got a bit of skill at holding the knife on the board in such a way that I can control my cutting action better, I still got my onion sorted out a bit faster! That’s a plus for me. Cutting onion quicker than I have been, is better than not cutting one at all. Of course Saturdays and Sundays are my days off, so they’re not included in my training days. So days four and five are the Thursday and Friday. Day six starts tomorrow! I can’t wait.

Each day of the training is a new day for everyone. We think we know what we’re gonna cook until we find out differently. Everything is a surprise, and always tastes wonderful! I’m putting weight on a bit faster now, because I also buy ice-creams and other foods on the weekends, so I might just stick to buying a drink here and there from here on out. Most of my money went into buying morning tea for church today, so I’m gonna not spend thirty dollars and more in a day, for at least another three months. I’m starting to get good with saving money, so I need to keep improving on that! Of course I can’t just let my money turn into a hoarding issue, but I still need enough of it for when I really need it. Things are working out there. I don’t know what we’re making tomorrow, but we certainly feasted the other couple of days. We had keish one day, and roast lam and vegetables the next. Both feeds were really lovely. The keishs were so easy to make! I could go out and buy pastry tomorrow afternoon if I want to, and all I’d need to do is chop up a bit of stuff and make a good sized keish, put it in an oiled cake tin, and get someone to put that in the oven. Wallah! This time I’ll be making a big keish though, so I’ll just need to cut pieces of it. I won’t make one tomorrow, but if I make one in future, I’ll make a big keish, unless I can get some little pie tins so I can make little ones. Look, I’ll wait till I move out, so when I’ve got a disability case manager, all I’ll need to tell her is that I’ll take an hour to make six or seven small keishs, so then she can put them in the oven for me. That’s what I’ll do. Then all that needs to be done is to take the keish out of the pie tin and simply serve on a place with sauce and/or salad, or whatever other food I want with it. I really bloody love keish now.

Yesterday me and Shirley went to Cas, then into Darwin after a couple of hours. We went to a good café in the mall, and I had the best beef lasagne! I had chips and gravy served with that, but for the first time ever I couldn’t eat it all! The food was soooooo fresh. Next time I’m just getting the lasagne or the chips. I won’t get both. I won’t go to this café on the weekend, I’m gonna wait till the next one, when I’ll have a fair bit of money at that time. This week I want to really get cracking on the knife stuff, and I want to be ready each afternoon just in case Bruce calls, and we can go to see Noelene. I had to explain to Bruce that I couldn’t just leave this course at any time because of the nature of it, which he understands! So I warned him today that I’ll need to be ready for him from three-thirty and onwards, only because the mini bus would still be getting us home before that time. So since he knows this, he’s basically going out of his way to fit an afternoon in where we can visit Noelene for a couple of hours. I said I wouldn’t mind being picked up between three-forty-five and four, because that’s when I’d be home and ready to go. Bruce can’t really do weekends, so I said I’d make sure I’m ready one of these weekday afternoons. I haven’t seen Noelene in forever, so I can’t wait to see how she’s doing. So I’m gonna wait for Bruce to call me, hopefully this week, and we can see what’s happening from there. I don’t think Noelene will be allowed to take food that people bring in to her, so I’ll see what I can do. I can keep bringing food home, but then there’s not much room in the fridge for other food. So if I have to, I’ll start giving it away, if I can’t give any to Noelene. My third option will be that I’ll eat any left-overs before I get home! I’ll probably start bringing in a plastic fork or a container, or both, just in case I want to scoff the food and not share it sometimes. I’ve shared my food most days this week, so I can’t see why I can’t hog food to myself once in a while. If I try to avoid really pigging out at lunch time and I get a big serve to take home later, I’ll get my opportunity to pig out then! Hahahahahahahahaha. I’ll try not to pig out so much this week, but it’ll be a totally different story when the food is in front of me. Actually, I might just get a packet of plastic forks tomorrow afternoon. There’s plenty of containers at this training place, so when I get my food home, I’ll go out and get the forks from either Woolleys or Coles. I’ll see how I feel when the time comes. That way if I want to eat a large serving of food instead of sharing it, all I have to do is get my fork out and eat. The good thing is that I won’t have to eat many dinners of an evening! I really like that. And I won’t need any more take-away shit for a long time.

This is really all I have to say for the day. I hope to God I can blog more regularly than I have been doing. As much as I want to blog every day, it just doesn’t work out that way! So when I get home tomorrow afternoon and get my shit sorted, I’ll make a blog tomorrow night whether I feel like it or not. That’s my plan. Bruce always talks about persevering through what you’re doing, whether you’re in the mood or not. It needs to be a cold-blooded decision to get on with the job. So tomorrow evening I’m making a cold-blooded decision to make another entry, even though by then I’ll be stuffed to the bones. Too bad though, if I say I’m going to blog every day, I need to damn well try to. I can’t just say one thing and do another because of a hundred different excuses. Tiredness isn’t an excuse in and of itself, but saying that I’m tired and really buggered so I don’t want to blog now, is the excuse. If I was really unwell or something of that nature, that’s different. But tomorrow night I’m going to blog anyway, and I’m going to force myself to keep on with the entries almost every day from now on, rather than every two to three days. Almost every day with a day missed occasionally, is better than being out of sorts and hardly blogging.


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