Day 1 of training

Well, today has been all right! I thought it wouldn’t be, because I woke up with a very knotted stomach. It slowly got better over the day. It actually got less cramps as I felt better about the course not being so bad. This morning Adrian brought me in, and we made sure I know how to get around the bar area and training area. He’s bringing a liquid level indicator with him tomorrow because the cups that go with the saucers are half the size of a standard coffee mug, which means a ping-pong ball wouldn’t be the most accurate measure. I can tell if there’s enough milk in a bigger cup because the ball floats a bit. But if I were to expect the same from these cups, there’d be too much milk anyway! So I’ll need a different device for measuring a little bit of milk and making sure I don’t overfill the cup when I put water in it. This indicator may be very useful for pouring liquid into other containers, where it wouldn’t be practical to use a table tennis ball. So we’ll see how it goes. I won’t use a level indicator at home though. I don’t see a need to. Maybe at work and other places it’d be a good idea, but when I’m home, I know our bowls and measuring equipment and all that well enough. My case manager came in, and Adrian left. I wanted him to stay though! Adrian is more of a familiar person than my case manager, but I’ll get more familiar with him as I get used to him hanging around sometimes.

This morning our trainer talked on about his experiences with hospitality. He seems like an all right guy. He talked about the structure of this course too, that it’s designed for getting people into work straight away. I won’t need to worry about any of that! I sorted everything out before I started training today, so I don’t actually need to worry about some of the resume lessons. I’ll listen to them, or maybe I could chuck a sicky sometimes, who knows. But yeah, I’m simply doing this course for five weeks, and then straight into work from there. Good, that means less for my trainer to worry about. After his speech, we started making a chocolate cake. First we mixed dry ingredients and sifted flower and the other stuff to go with it, into a bowl. Then we mixed it together with the butter and that got put on the stove to boil it. It didn’t get constant boiling, it just got taken to boiling point then the stove was turned off. We worked in groups of four at a station, so each of us had to do different things. I found it really good. While the mixtures were simmering to create the correct consistency, our trainer who I’ll call J, talked about other stuff relating to the course. Then we had lunch. It was lasagne, which I found delightful! It was so yum I had to have a second piece of it. I had a go at serving my own Parmison cheese, but needed a bit of help when I served it on my second piece of lasagna. It was really yum. I was soooooo full by the time we’d eaten. We put our plates back and started listening to more lecturing about what to expect of each other and all that, and what to do with our mobile phones and all the jazz with that.

I was nearly gonna write about cake decorating when I forgot the step before that! God I must be tired already, and it’s not even nightfall yet. Oh well. Ok. First, we made sure all the dry mixture was mixed together properly so that we could add eggs and the rest of the stuff to it. Then we had to whisk all the wet ingredients to get rid of the bumps, before adding them to the dry stuff. Basically we used self-raising flower, bi-carb soda and cocoa, so that when we mixed the other wet ingredients, it’d give the cake that chocolate taste. We whisked everything till the mixture was a runny kind of a dough. I then showed one of the guys in our group a little trick where you put your gloved finger into the mix and sweet it through gently, to see if it feels right. He looked at the mixture again and said he wanted to whisk it a bit more. He kept doing it till we told him he couldn’t keep on with it! I think once something is whisked till the lumps are gone, you can’t really do any more to it. Anyway, I quickly repeated my little trick once more, and said he needed to definitely stop, and a teacher came over and forced the issue this time. They’re really nice though, they don’t really scream at you, they just make things final if they really want to make you listen to them when you’re being a bit unreasonable. All part of learning though. We don’t come into these programs knowing everything, but some tricks we already know are valuable all the same. We divided our cake mixture into four tins per table, so we had at least eight cakes ready to go. If I’m not wrong, we had at least twelve people today, so I’ll assume that eight to twelve cakes were made. They turned out really yum’m’m’m’m’m’m’m’m!

When our trainer lectured again for another hour, we came to the cake decorations. First we got the cakes out of the tins, which I found a bit hard to do. Gently putting the knife underneath the cake from around the edge of the tin was fucking difficult, but I managed it. The cake fell onto my hand and I had to quickly flip it back onto the tray without wrecking the bloody thing. A teacher poured icing all over it, and then I decorated it with multeesers, strawberry and cream lollies, chocolate buttons and marshmallows. As much as the cake turned out really good, I couldn’t write in it or make pictures or anything. I tried to, but the icing kept running down the side of the cake and all over the tray. I told one of the teachers, and she said it’s because we didn’t get time to let the icing go stiff. I told Mum the same thing, and I also said that the same problem happens when I bring stuff home from Brumbies, where the design is how they want it when you first buy the cake or whatever sort of sweet food, but when it’s home, the icing has melted everywhere, and there’s no longer a reasonable pattern in the buns or cakes. It’s not like we can fix those mistakes when they’re not refrigerated immediately. I kept warning Mum and the boys that the cake needed to be put in the fridge, but Mum didn’t like the idea? What! Who doesn’t want a hot cake to be put in the fridge before eating it? Oh well. You can’t please everybody, and you can’t expect everybody to like how the decoration patterns turned out. I didn’t like that I couldn’t make interesting little pictures on the cake, but no one could help that today. It turned out to be a typical chocolate cake with a lot of lollies, and I liked that. Since there’s a bit of cake left in the fridge, I might just eat the rest of it soon. I found it to be delightful. I’d make it again, only I’d make my own icing and I’d decorate it how I want in my own time. And I’d not let no one touch it till the cake is cold and set.

I was glad to get the mini bus home. Man I was buggered! I didn’t even need the laptop today, so I carried it with me for nothing. I didn’t need Troy’s mat, so next time I’m not taking it with me. Mum wants to know my plans with Troy, but for fuck’s sake, there’s no plans to talk about. I either take the dog or I don’t. Mum can stop living my life for me. I don’t need Troy tomorrow, but I will need him the next day for certain. If she thinks I’m going to go to school and then come home, go out for another two hours, then come home at six o’clock at night, there’s some sad news coming. I’d rather be dropped at Woolleys at 3:30 so then I can come home by five o’clock. I don’t care if Mum hates me for being like that, but that’s sad luck for her because she doesn’t own my dog or my life. She needs to be grateful that I’m doing some education stuff so I can work successfully and get over her high horse attitude. She can help me live my life, but she doesn’t need to take over and live parts of it. I told her all she needs to know and that’s all, I don’t need to talk for three hours like a five-year-old talking about pre-school. It’s a damn food course. It’s not a six-hour discussion. Besides that, today went fine for me, and it’ll go fine for me tomorrow. I don’t know how Troy will feel about being alone all day. If Mum whinges just once about how badly behaved he is or whether he went to the toilet out the back or out the front, or whether he took five hours to go to the toilet and all the perfectly ridiculous crap Mum wants to complain about, I’ll tell her that the way she’s being was perfect until she took her perfection way over the top and turned it into ridicule. I won’t say it that way, I’ll just say that being so perfect that you’ve got to make a rule for every small breath and movement is plane ridiculous. Life isn’t supposed to be robotic or set into stone.

I’m going to bed early. I think I’ll eat the last of that chocolate cake and then brush my teeth and die for the night. I can’t stay awake for much longer. I really can’t. It’s only nearly six o’clock and I’m as tired as if I’d stayed up all night. So after I eat the cake, I’m calling it quits. I want to wake up fresh tomorrow to start another day. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll have more food to bring home, so I’ll blog about the course then. I’m going to blog about it every day if I can manage that feat. I want to write morning blogs too, but I can’t see that happening too often. All I can see is me succeeding and finishing with flying colours! I really want this school job, and I hope by the time I’ve finished training, I’ll be able to put on a pair of gloves in two seconds and a hair net in less than that time. Hahahahahahaha! No. In reality, it should take me ten to twenty seconds to put on a hair net and gloves, and maybe another ten seconds to put on a disposable apron. Then my stupid fussy old woman won’t complain when she sees food all over me. What she fucken expects when I’m working around food, I don’t know. Does she forget that food isn’t stone either? I really got up her about how perfect she is this afternoon. It’s only because she’s so “perfect” that she’s not actually perfect anymore. It’s perfectly ok to be perfect if you’re going to be reasonable about it. Like my decorations today. I wanted pictures but couldn’t do them because of the icing being too runny. Well, since that wasn’t perfect enough, I settled with putting marshmallows around the cake and making sure there were lollies all over it at least. That’s perfect enough for me. So long as it tastes very nice and looks delightful to most people, expecting any more than that sort of “perfection” is actually unreasonable, and not really perfect. What I consider really fancy, someone else might find boring. So I don’t really believe in absolute perfection, not in this world anyway. Today’s training has taught me that.


2 Responses to “Day 1 of training”

  1. Nadja Öberg Says:


    I’m glad your course started well. The cake sounds yummy, I love chocolate. I think it’s your business how you use your dog the important thing is that you don’t leave the responsibility away. Good luck!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Michelle Says:


      I’ve found a good routine for Troy, so things are fine there! Basically, I leave Troy home and then when I get home, I take him out for two hours, making sure I make him work really hard. By then he’s ready to come home.

      Oh well I must close off here, I’ll write a blog now before I get too tired!


      Liked by 1 person

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