Today’s meeting turned out better than I expected!

Hey! I hope everyone else is having a good day, or night, depending on their location in the world. My day turned out really good. I was picked up late this morning because of something else that needed to be done first, so it meant Adrian got the car a bit later than he’d expected it to arrive at Guide Dogs. In the end we got to our meeting on time! It turned out really nice! I’m finding the people very accommodating. I was freaking out that things wouldn’t work out so well, but apparently they have. Basically, we had a quick tour of the training room because all the stuff wasn’t set up there, so me and Adrian got a good look around while one of the staff ladies was there to assist. It wasn’t a really detailed orientation, because a meeting had just ended with one of the politicians who always gets honoured at the football stadium, in that dining area! Pretty much the dining area is a training room, meeting hall and tea room. Three in one! Oh well, it’s a good set-up. It’s a fair way in from where the mini bus will drop us off, to where the third floor is, where the training room is located. I also found out that the bus system is set up so that wherever we need to go, the driver will drop us, so long as we’re very specific about addresses and locations! Now that’s an extremely good idea, especially if for most days I can leave Troy at home, but if I need to go somewhere after my training, I can take Troy that day. That’s really grand when you think about it.

On Monday morning Adrian will be picking me up, and I’ll take Troy because Adrian can see that Troy can handle lying in his mat in a designated spot we choose. So long as we are never in reach of each other when I’m working, Troy will be fine. If Troy can see and hear us, but he can’t touch me and I can’t reach him to touch him, how the hell can the food be contaminated? Plus I’ll be brushing my dog every day if that’s what it takes to stop excess dog hair from coming off him and stuffing things up. it can’t happen in real life though, because once I’ve set Troy in his place and I’ve put my gloves on, I’ll be at my work bench and Troy won’t be close enough to the food to bother it or us. When it comes to going home, taking Troy and my bag of food will be a bit hard, but if I can handle a laptop and a bag of groceries and Troy, why can’t I handle such things while I’m going home from a damn course! It’s not that hard to figure out. So I’ll see how things go on Monday, and since the course will only be from 10 am to 3 pm, I may still decide that Troy should stay home for most days of my course. I’ll see how I feel when I’ve been there and done that. I’m glad that these ladies aren’t like that stupid old equity worker at uni. At least they’re trying to make things as comfortable as possible for me. And they don’t want me to hold back any issues I’ve got either. I can’t see this course being as difficult or as bad as I think it is. But who knows? I thought uni would work out until I discovered that Kerry didn’t want to be reasonable with me. My job case manager will be there for the first couple of days to make sure things are ok, but apart from that I should be fine. If they’re asking my case manager and Adrian how to make my life as comfortable as possible while I’m training, that’s a good sign to me. The theory will be minimal too, which probably means I won’t have many notes to take down, other than a few recipes maybe, and maybe a few notes on hygiene and all that. Mum will try to make a big thing of it and say that I’ll end up with people who’re like Kerry, but I’ll just tell her that not everyone is Kerry and I’m not going to treat every environment like it’s just as bad if people are making reasonable compromises and showing me how to work properly, without disabling me and putting me down all the time.

Man it all sounds pretty exciting! Mereula loves the fact that I’m going to train for five weeks, and she wants to see a few photos! I’ll see what comes of that over the next five weeks. If people want photos of my food and my preparation training, clothing etc, that’s what I’ll try to work out with the coordinators. I don’t know if they’ll take pictures, but I can always find someone who wants to help me with that. Mum will probably take photos, or she might if I ask her. I’ll tell her that people want to see what I’m capable of, because they’ve asked, so Mum won’t be able to say anything other than yes or no to taking the pictures. It’s not like I’m big-noting myself. If people want to see what I can do with my life, that’s their choice to ask me to show them what the story is. As much as we’ll be making different meals every day, all the basic skills of how to use a knife and the other utensils and equipment will be basically the same. It’ll be the additional training and extra skills that’ll be varied. Monday is a very basic starting day anyway, so we’ll just be making a cake. All the food we make will be put on a tray, and we have to put the trays on a big trolley to wheel that into the kitchen. It’ll be the chefs who’ll bake and cook that food we prepare for them. Wow they’ll have it easy while we’re doing their dirty work. Hahahahahahahahaha! I think Mum needs to lighten up…. Not every institution is bad and not everyone has a negative attitude towards blind people. She can keep her depression to herself. If I had anything bad to say, she would have known all about it by now. If she wants to think I’m hiding things from her, she can help me pack my bags tonight if that’s how things are going to be between us. Life is supposed to be happy, not difficult and miserable! We need to just get on with life and nip problems in the butt before they get worse, instead of chucking big fits all the time. If the organisers want to be helpful and they want me to pass this course, that’s what counts. I hope I make good friends too. I don’t need sixty friends, but I’d love it if I did have that many. All the same, a few friends from that course will be good enough. Mum can’t police everything, that’s actually my job to do that. Oh yeah I also have to make sure I’ve got Adrian’s email address so if I need his assistance at any time, I can give him a buzz or a text and things will be sweet. I think I’ve got a lot of support happening. I didn’t get anything negative today. Some of the ladies were a bit worried, but when my case manager and Adrian explained why they were there to help, everyone was more than accommodating! It just takes time, and you know when people are genuine with their attitudes when things are still looking up by the time the meeting ends. They want me to be independent, but they’re actually willing to help me with my independence, unlike Kerry, who insisted that she didn’t need to help me because I supposedly had enough supports in place already. Yeah right! She forgot that Jaws doesn’t replace the library and that I can’t read print. But the ladies today had a different attitude, one where if I can’t do, they can teach or modify until I can do! That’s much more like it.

I’m rather happy about today. I celebrated by having a can of coke when I was dropped off at Casuarina. Mereula turned up at nearly 1 o’clock, so we went to a Chinese restaurant above the food court. The food is expensive there, but it’s really nice! The menu isn’t as flexible as the menus in the downstairs eatery, but all the same the food is lovely. I had pork and chicken with rice. And I had more coke. Unfortunately the person gave Mereula vanilla flavoured coke instead of the normal one. I didn’t like it that much, but at least I can drink it, unlike Coke Zero or diet coke, which are both disgusting! I have to force myself to drink those two brands of coke, but I can drink the vanilla coke without much complaint. Give me normal plane, full-strength coke, and I’ll drink that stuff all day. After lunch, Mereula’s husband dropped me at home. He’s just as lovely as Mereula, and the both of them are more hilarious than just one or the other on their own! God they’re a crack up. They’re both as kind as the other, and I couldn’t thank them enough for helping me out. Since things went well today, I can sit around all day tomorrow, knowing that the next five weeks will be more adventurous than difficult. I’m gonna make an awful lot of blogs when this course starts, I can tell you now! If life is going to be that reasonable, my blogs definitely need to math my cheerful mood that has resulted from this meeting. None of this help yourself shit at all, which I love. I’ll chill out all weekend now. At the end of the day, I’ll be learning how to help myself, but while I’m training, I’ll get help to be independent, so when I get tested or whatever happens, I won’t need all that extra help by then. That’s how education is supposed to be, and it’s sad that the uni hasn’t got this attitude.


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