Nice cold morning!

I’ve got until nine o’clock to write! So here I am at this blog again. I didn’t drink coffee last night, because I got waaaaay too tired. I didn’t even eat dinner. I simply had my shower and went straight to bed and crashed with the TV on. I woke up this morning to some stupid money-launderer of a televangelist carrying on like a pork chop. He reckons the Word of God is exalted above Jesus’ name! Ah, no it’s not exalted above his name. Both his name and the Word are exactly the same, because the Word is living and active, not the actual book of course. The words in the Bible are life-giving, they’re as exalted as the God who formed them for man to write in this book. So don’t give me all the hogwash please! The false teachers movement is really ticking me right off, so I need to think of another subject, like getting up at 6:30 instead of 8:30 in the morning. That’s pretty good. I got my breakfast and took Troy outside, all without rushing! The only thing I need to do this morning is groom Troy before I leave.

Oh damn it, I don’t think I’ll get time this morning. Bugger! I’ve got to write, then edit the entry,, send it, then get ready to leave. That’ll take up my time. Oh well I guess I’ll have to groom Troy this afternoon. Mum has just come home, so I called Troy to me so he won’t harass her. She has worked all night so I don’t think she’d find it very nice to have a dog all over her. Troy was very good, he didn’t jump when I told him not to, and he sat down and didn’t leave when I told him to stay. Now he’s lying at my feet. It’s bloody freezing this morning, so having a warm critter at my feet is just wonderful! I hope it’s warm in the shopping centre. I don’t want to end up freezing cold. I could put a cardigan on when I go out, but if it gets too hot I don’t really want to carry a jacket around all day. I guess I can just rin and bear it. If I was in Adelaide, I’d leave the jacket on all day, knowing that if it’s too hot to keep it on, it wouldn’t be that way for too long. But in Darwin, if it’s too hot to keep a jacket on, it’ll stay that for a good five or six hours before cooling off again. If it gets any colder than this, I’ll definitely be wearing a jacket for an entire day. I’ll see how I go today. If I don’t handle it, I’ll start wearing a jacket every day just because I don’t want to get hypothermia. I should be right, at least I’m not walking barefoot and with only shorts and T-shirt on! That’s what a stupid woman did last year, and she ended up in the hospital very fast. And she did this at 4:30 in the morning! What the hell was she thinking? If people aren’t used to cold weather, they probably shouldn’t assume they’ll handle it just because it feels nice. I like being cold too, but not to the point where it hurts. I don’t know, some people are soooooo silly.

Troy clearly loves this weather, he’s just lazing around like he’s living the high life. I bet when he hears that I’m going out, he’ll be right next to me. He’s going to be that way forever. Troy’s a really good guide dog, but his energy levels are so high that sometimes I wish he’d either slow down a bit, or wait till he’s off harness to let his energy out. The vet thinks he’s healthy though, so that’s a good thing. And if it’s normal for Labrador retrievers to be very hyperactive, then I’m ok with Troy being that way. I just don’t want him being that way in harness. Wow, he groaned at me when I rubbed his chin! He loves the attention so much that sometimes he makes little puppy whimper noises! He must think it’s beyond nice. I don’t know why he takes what feels good so overboard that he has to act like a baby dog over it. If I didn’t know Troy, I’d assume that he’s only two or three. Some people make me wonder though, Troy looks young to some, old to others. I think it’s just the way people think because really Troy isn’t so young. He acts that way because he feels like a young boy still, but he’s still getting older. And the people who think he looks sad or mean, ah I so have no idea what gets into their heads to believe that he’s mean! Maybe they’ve got something to hide… At least I know most people are genuinely nice and don’t want to harm Troy and then pretend that they had no idea what they were doing. How can you feed a dog something which will make it sick and then say you didn’t know? Come on! You’d think that if most people know about not letting a dog drink coffee or eat chocolate, that the people who supposedly don’t know, would hear it from someone. Sorry for the ones who I get cranky at, but excuse me, I’d be cranky because being cruel to a dog isn’t really excusable. it is if you’ve never been told or you’ve never read about not feeding it coffee, but you’d think that these days, everyone should know that putting a cup of coffee in front of a dog is bad news. Hello, for one, the dog would overheat, and secondly, the caffeine is toxic to them. I won’t trust anyone who says that they didn’t know they were poisoning my dog. Kids are a different story. They do need to be told.

Ok, my vent is over I think. I’m glad I got up early this morning, I’m glad to be going out. I just want to have fun today, then I’ll come home and relax later on. I’ll try to update the blog again too. I like writing in here regularly. Now that I’ve got the new laptop, I can take it away with me when I train with my new dog in a few years, and I can also take it with me whenever I go somewhere for a few days when the time comes. I like that I can blog whenever I want now. I’m not constrained by cable Internet or anything. Tomorrow will be my usual socialising business. Then next week I’ve got no idea what’s happening each day. I’ll have to take each day as it comes. Hopefully my week will be really nice, because I’m sick of the sadness and misery I have to face every day because of having to wait for Territory Housing to decide when I’m important enough for them, the arguments with Mum, having to listen to Mum go off at people when she should be having a good time. One day I’m going to ask her to say things that makes me feel good, because I’m so fed up with her trying to make me see her bad situation and feel bad for her. It’s my turn for someone else to see into my good situation so they can feel good for me and make me feel good about life. I shouldn’t have to mourn all the time. I actually want the mourners around me to rejoice with me sometimes. If they can’t they’re really selfish and I don’t need to associate with them. Mourning with the mourners isn’t so fine if they can’t rejoice with those who want to rejoice. If the mourners prefer to grieve and bicker all the time, they can be miserable with their own kind. I want people around me who’re going to be happy most of the time.


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