Well, today went really well. I dropped my plastic fork when I was about to eat lunch, but that’s not the biggest drama in the world, but because I was starving at the time, it turned into one. Oh well it’s not the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Ok. So let’s start from the beginning then shall we? I left for the bus not long after I finished my blog. I waited for Shirley at the Interchange, and we discovered that we’d missed our bus to Cas! I also discovered that I was at the wrong bus platform, so we had to laugh. We decided to go to Wendys for a milk shake, but I had an ice-cream instead. After that we came back to the depot for the 11 am bus. During that time me and Shirley discussed the possibility of me moving into her unit! She’s moving out in a few months, after they’ve fixed the new unit for her. Man that’s so getting me really excited! I’m going to ring Territory Housing first thing on Monday morning and sort this out. They’d better bloody well let me move out. I’m going to make sure they know that I’m not living with Mum because I want to be there. I’m living with her because I had to move out of my other place.

We spent the day at Cas, basically window shopping but buying nothing. There weren’t any clothes that we could really consider decent enough to buy. Shirley did get one jumper, but that’s it. It seems like winter this year is apparently a good time for not stocking up on good clothes! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I want to live in rags. If I were to go to Adelaide or Melbourne, I’d find both warm clothes and normal clothing. Here, you’ve either got warm clothes which are nothing but thin long-sleeved shirts or overly thin jumpers, or cardigans which are really meant for some cold days in the summertime. Seriously! People don’t know what winter clothes are up here. To make things worse, a shop that I like, didn’t have the bras or underwear that I wanted. Another bra shop didn’t have what I wanted, but the assistants decided they’d try to sell me stuff I didn’t actually want. So we gave up and had lunch. Then I got my money out because tomorrow I don’t want to do anything important, at all! I want to go to church and just rest up and socialise all day long, only having fun and chilling out. On Monday the important organisational stuff will start, and will continue right through to Friday. On Thursday I want to go to Pet World if I’ve got that day free by then. I’ll go to TEMHCO on Tuesday, but I’m probably not going there on Thursday. Each Thursday is an outing day, but most of those days I just want to do my own thing. Man this is just too exciting for me! How good will it be for me to walk everywhere again? So much for me not wanting to ever do walking as exercise again! I’m so over this not wanting to walk anywhere business, just because I could be hit by a car on any road that’s the slightest bit busy. Oh well. I wasn’t ever hit anywhere except for at a green traffic, so clearly I wasn’t hit just because I wanted to cross at this damn traffic light. I was hit because someone else chose to be a dickhead. So I’m over most of the crap, except for the bit where the idiot didn’t want to check on the dog, and tried to put the blame onto me. Claiming that I did the wrong thing and he wouldn’t get out of the car because he didn’t want to get into trouble because of what I apparently did, just doesn’t cut it, when a few dozen witnesses, and a few people who were actually waiting to walk across the road behind me, clearly proved that actually, the driver was totally at fault. So I’m not totally over that particular part of the story. But I am over the rest of the story. I’ll cross most roads now, just not the very busy highways. I might as well use all the audio traffic light intersections now, except for the one I was hit at of course. Don’t make me cross at that friggen road unless someone is with me please! Yes there’re other lights that are at busier intersections, but that’s not the point.

Ok, now that I’m going to sort this Territory Housing stuff out, I’m so going to just chill the frig out today, tomorrow, and I hope Monday afternoon, if Monday morning goes smoothly. I’d love to take a trip into the city just for fun. That’s a maybe, not a definite. However, if things work to plan on Monday, I’m definitely taking a trip into town on Monday afternoon. I want to walk through the mall and sit at one of the cafes for half an hour, then take a trip back to Palmo. That’ll end my day well. I’ll just hope that Territory Housing will listen to me and will accept my request. If I make sure to tell them that I have to move out, and I damn well stress the safety issues, even if they don’t hear me out straight away, I’ll be making sure they understand me clearly enough that they’ll think about it. Apparently if you bring your case to an authority for long enough, they soon have to listen. It was the same with the Council when I kept complaining about the dogs in our old place. They wouldn’t listen, kept saying I needed to write a diary. So I kept ringing and ringing them, telling them that writing a diary wasn’t fixing the problem, but doing something about my complaint certainly would. I made sure to ring the Council every time the dogs barked in the end, and I just kept on at them, asking if they’d want to put up with this day in and day out, and that if I had to write a diary for the next seven days while hearing those dogs, I’d go mad, on and on. Ah, something was done, because the neighbours eventually moved out! Clearly complaining and maintaining the same story with a lot of proof to back up what you’re saying, gets the message across. Eventually the Council and the police were really sick of me carrying on at them, Mum was sick of hearing the same story every week, so someone forced the issue! Yea. So the same will go for Territory Housing. I’ll just keep letting them know that my safety comes first, and I’d like to live my own life in my own space. I don’t know many people who’re forced to live with their family because they want to move out, but can’t. If there’s a lot of them, I can understand why they’ve put themselves onto the Priority Housing list. People want relationships and even family relationships. But they still want their own place to call home, and then the visitors can come around, and they can visit their friends and family. What happens after that is their business. I want to be able to visit my family and then go back home. I want to be able to walk everywhere again, or catch the bus, instead of just relying on the bus system all the time. I want to be able to get around the neighbourhood safely. I want to be able to schedule things in my own time, and not transportation time, every single day.


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